Why you shouldn’t always book a hotel

It’s far easier than it ever has been before to go on holiday or travel for business and avoid staying in a typical chain hotel. For people who love to ‘live like a local’, websites like Airbnb and VRBO have made it far easier than ever before to rent an

How to spot fake hotel reviews

Online reviews have completely changed the way that people think about and book places to stay around the world. While TripAdvisor and other independent travels review websites have generally been a boon for the independent and savvy traveller they have, in some cases, become victims of their own success. Hotels,

Is it really a boutique hotel?

With boutique hotels becoming a more popular option than ever before and search engines like Bing and Google ever more important to a hotel’s marketing, it’s little surprise that some are choosing to stretch the definition of the word boutique in their marketing. To avoid being taken in by this word

Tips to Help You Save Booking Hotels in New York

New York is a dream destination that many people want to visit at least one day in their life. However, as everything is expensive in New York, if you don't have a lot of money to spend, you need to plan your trip well. There are various ways to stretch

Why can’t I find somewhere to stay

Often, if you’re struggling to find somewhere to stay on a trip that’s right for you, it’ll be because of the words that you’re using. Many hotels don’t describe themselves as hotels anymore - at least not on their websites! Instead they’ll be ‘places to stay’ ‘bed and breakfasts’ ‘apart-hotels’

Private rooms in hostels – the perfect budget option?

If you’re starting to think that you’re too old to stay in a youth hotel on your next trip but worry that you’ll miss the social options and low costs that they afford then help may well be at hand. An increasing number of hostels are now offering private rooms

Hotels’ conservation role extends beyond waste management

Huge hotels have been called out often for their role in environmental degradation. This is especially so for coastal hotels - and there is a generous lot of such around the world- which is often faulted for releasing untreated waste into the sea. In recent times, many hotels have shown great

Avoiding hotel booking scams

The internet has made it far easier to compare all sorts of hotels in far flung parts of the world. Unfortunately, it’s made it all too easy to fall for scams, especially when you’re looking at places to stay in parts of the world that you’re not familiar with. Fortunately,

Finding the best place to stay

The internet was supposed to make finding and booking high quality hotels far easier than it had ever been before. In reality, it’s been rather more of a mixed blessing than that. Yes, it’s easier than it ever has been to compare a vast number of accommodation options and decide

How to be sure your boutique hotel is right for you

You’ve found a boutique hotel that looks just perfect for that romantic getaway that you’ve been planning but you want to be absolutely sure that it’s everything that it’s cracked up to be before you commit and decide to make that booking. While boutique hotels can be great, you also