Discover the Cave Hotels of the Cappadocia Region

Going to a luxury hotel at an authentic edge of the world destination, and enjoying the stay might sound relaxing for many people. However, have you ever thought about staying at a cave hotel, surrounded by a magical landscape full of fairy chimneys, centuries-old churches, and hot air balloons hanging in the blue skies almost every day? Did you know that your stay would be complemented with a full breakfast, which would give you the energy that you would need after all? If you could not say ”yes” to any of these questions, then there is no need to wait for another minute, to discover the cave hotel concept of the Cappadocia region. After seeing this mesmerising spot of the world, many visitors decided to move to this area, and invest in the tourism sector. Nowadays, it is even easier to plan your move from one city to another, especially with the movon app services, which you can use from your smartphones as well. No need to live a life in a setting that you are not really fond of. It is now time to explore what is awaiting you in a magical setting.

Where to Locate this Magical Setting: Cave Hotels and Fairy Chimneys

Just in the heart of Anatolia, there is a unique geographical region called Cappadocia, which is also titled as a nature conservation site by UNESCO due to its outstanding universal value and archaeological importance. Centuries ago, the volcanoes surrounding this area created a spectacular landscape from the lava and the volcanic dust after continuous eruptions. Göreme Plateau now hosts numerous volcanic chimneys, and formations which are named as ”fairy chimneys”. Within the borders of Turkey, Cappadocian cave hotels are waiting for visitors.

Staying at a Cave Hotel? A Once in a Life Time Experience

Imagine yourself staying at a cave hotel, situated among the fairy chimneys of the Cappadocia region. Your room will be a cave room but decorated in a very comfortable yet traditional way. There is no cement or bricks used in most of the converted rooms. Therefore, the cave rooms keep visitors warm during the winter season and fresh throughout summer. Most of the cave hotels in the Cappadocia region possess wine cellars in their basements since the climate of this region is very convenient for wine production. It is very likely for the management of the cave hotels to offer you free red wine to accompany your dinner. It is also quite popular to see the sunrise early in the morning with hot air balloon tours. From the secure basket of the hot air balloon, you will be able to watch all the volcanic formations and fairy chimneys just below your feet. At the end of the balloon tour, the hosting companies also offer free wine, champagne or orange juice according to your preferences. Don’t miss this chance of staying at a cave hotel, and enjoying the magical landscape with fair prices, accompanied by excellent service.