Should Nicotine Pouches Be Encouraged in Hotels?

One of the most challenging practices in the hospitality industry is, well, hospitality. You need to attend to guests of varying needs and temperaments to total satisfaction. At times, you have extremely divergent needs to meet simultaneously.

Among these needs is satisfying smoking and non-smoking guests at the same time. Dedicated smoking zones are the most readily available solution. However, smokers are not exactly amused by this form of discrimination. Enter Nicotine pouches, the perfect gift for hotel owners looking to satisfy both groups! Nicotine pouches are smokeless and hence do not affect non-users. Still, they deliver the same kick to users as cigarettes would!

Should hotel owners, thus, encourage the use of nicotine pouches on their premises? Yes, as an alternative to cigarettes. Hotels should even make a point of stocking high-quality pouches from trusted stores such as Northerner. The online shop has great prices and a huge variety of brands and flavours. As a hotel owner, you can be sure of finding genuine Velo, Vid, On, Nordic Spirit, Klint and Fumi on Northerner. The friendly 4-star Trust Pilot-rated site has no minimum spend and offers free delivery.

Encouraging the use of nicotine pouches among hotel guests has even more benefits for everyone. The user is not exposed to harmful smoke, and neither are those nearby. There is no fire risk to the hotel from cigarette butts. By buying in bulk, the hotel can also enjoy discounts from the online store and earn profits by selling at retail prices to guests.

Everyone wins!