Should Nicotine Pouches Be Encouraged in Hotels?

One of the most challenging practices in the hospitality industry is, well, hospitality. You need to attend to guests of varying needs and temperaments to total satisfaction. At times, you have extremely divergent needs to meet simultaneously. Among these needs is satisfying smoking and non-smoking guests at the same time. Dedicated

Why you shouldn’t always book a hotel

It’s far easier than it ever has been before to go on holiday or travel for business and avoid staying in a typical chain hotel. For people who love to ‘live like a local’, websites like Airbnb and VRBO have made it far easier than ever before to rent an

Why can’t I find somewhere to stay

Often, if you’re struggling to find somewhere to stay on a trip that’s right for you, it’ll be because of the words that you’re using. Many hotels don’t describe themselves as hotels anymore - at least not on their websites! Instead they’ll be ‘places to stay’ ‘bed and breakfasts’ ‘apart-hotels’

Private rooms in hostels – the perfect budget option?

If you’re starting to think that you’re too old to stay in a youth hotel on your next trip but worry that you’ll miss the social options and low costs that they afford then help may well be at hand. An increasing number of hostels are now offering private rooms

Hotels’ conservation role extends beyond waste management

Huge hotels have been called out often for their role in environmental degradation. This is especially so for coastal hotels - and there is a generous lot of such around the world- which is often faulted for releasing untreated waste into the sea. In recent times, many hotels have shown great

Off the beaten track accommodation options

If you can’t face the idea of staying in yet another boring chain hotel and even apartments and bed and breakfast accommodation are yesterday's news for you, then you’ll be glad to hear that there are still plenty of other options available for you. In this article, we’ll look at

Are hostels just for kids?

Traditionally, youth hostels have served the market that they are named after. Anyone over the age of about 35 was best advised to look elsewhere when it came to accommodation options. Nowadays though, with the cost of accommodation in some of the world’s most popular cities constantly on the increase