Are hostels just for kids?

Traditionally, youth hostels have served the market that they are named after. Anyone over the age of about 35 was best advised to look elsewhere when it came to accommodation options. Nowadays though, with the cost of accommodation in some of the world’s most popular cities constantly on the increase and the emergence of a new generation of ‘cool hostels’ the time may have come for people to reconsider that attitude. In this article, we’ll explore a few of the advantages that you could enjoy if you decide to stay in a hotel the next time you travel.

The first advantage comes if you’re travelling alone. While a little solitary time away from the crowds can be good for us, big cities like New York can start to feel very lonely if you spend too much time there on your own. Hostels allow you to meet like minded travellers.

They often also have facilities that hotels charge extra for. Whether its a few exercise machines or a pool table, they can be far more social and enjoyable experiences than your typical out of town budget hotel.