How to spot fake hotel reviews

Online reviews have completely changed the way that people think about and book places to stay around the world. While TripAdvisor and other independent travels review websites have generally been a boon for the independent and savvy traveller they have, in some cases, become victims of their own success. Hotels,

Avoiding hotel booking scams

The internet has made it far easier to compare all sorts of hotels in far flung parts of the world. Unfortunately, it’s made it all too easy to fall for scams, especially when you’re looking at places to stay in parts of the world that you’re not familiar with. Fortunately,

Finding the best place to stay

The internet was supposed to make finding and booking high quality hotels far easier than it had ever been before. In reality, it’s been rather more of a mixed blessing than that. Yes, it’s easier than it ever has been to compare a vast number of accommodation options and decide

These Hotel Booking Tips Will Save You Money

It's not just you! Every traveller worries about hotel expenses and wishes to book a hotel room which doesn't burn holes in their pocket. It is a good thing, as we can use the money we save from hotel room expenses, to fulfil some other travelling wishes. That's why we've

Should you pay in advance for hotels online?

When you’re booking hotels online, you’ll often find that the booking website tries to tempt you with a saving if you pay in advance and select a non-refundable rate. Often, this will look like a very attractive thing to do as the non-refundable option will generally be a fair bit

Where have all the hotel rooms gone?

A major event has just been announced in a place that you’re hoping to visit and suddenly all the hotel rooms have disappeared. What should you do? Often, you’ll find that an event like the Eurovision Song Contest causes hotel room rates to skyrocket. What’s often less obvious is that