Finding the best place to stay

The internet was supposed to make finding and booking high quality hotels far easier than it had ever been before. In reality, it’s been rather more of a mixed blessing than that. Yes, it’s easier than it ever has been to compare a vast number of accommodation options and decide which of them is right for you. On the other hand, it’s rather easy to become totally bamboozled by the choice and almost unable to make a decision. To avoid this issue, it’s worth setting out a few rules and criteria around what’s important to you before you start your search for somewhere to stay on your next trip. This will make it far easier to keep things in perspective and focus on the things that are actually important to you when you’re comparing one place to stay with another.

The first thing to think about is the location of where you’re going to stay. If it’s important to you that you’re within walking distance of the city or attraction that you’re going to see then be sure that you enter this criteria into whatever hotel booking service you’re using. Similarly, if there’s a public transport station that you want to make sure that your chosen hotel is near, then specify this when you begin your search for somewhere to stay. This means that you don’t risk being distracted by unsuitable places that get dragged into your search. Any major city will have hundreds of accommodation options for you to choose between and a big part of your job when you’re searching for the right one is to quickly exclude the ones that simply won’t work for you.

Next, make sure that you’re comparing like with like when you look at one option against another. If one offers breakfast or free parking or another amenity that’s useful to you then be sure that you include the cost of buying it separately when comparing it with somewhere that doesn’t. This may mean that you have to break out your calculator and do a little bit of maths as part of your booking process but trust us, the money that you’ll save by making the right decision on this is almost certain to outweigh the time that you spend adding up the numbers. Similarly, if a service that’s included isn’t important to you (like spa treatments or parking when you’re not going to be bringing a car) then don’t ascribe any value to it when you’re making your comparisons.

With the advice above, you should find it far easier to make the right choice of hotel the next time that you’re planning a trip. We hope that you have a great night’s sleep wherever you decide to rest your head.