What is the Significance of Hotel Star Rating Systems

Hotel star ratings can be arbitrary or confusing sometimes, right? However, they are traditionally relied upon when choosing where to stay. Here is everything you need to know about hotel star rating systems.

Hotel Star Rating Explained==

Star rating systems are universally accepted as indicators of the hotel’s standards, cleanliness, and quality of service. The rating is an objective grading; hence it is a reliable system that exists to help guests know what to expect when booking. Based on this system, hotels are rated between one to five stars, meaning there are one-, two-, three-, four-, and five-star hotels. In some cases, half a star rating may be included to indicate that a hotel lies between two stars.

The more the stars, the higher the quality and quantity of service the hotel offers. For instance, while you expect a five-star hotel to have a spa, you would be out of this world to expect that a one-star hotel can have such a facility.

Breakdown Each Grade

While different hotels with the same star rating may have different features, here is the general outlook of each level, regardless of where the hotel is located.

Five-star: As already mentioned, this is the highest rating, and hotels in this category have almost everything you would dream of. The level of luxury and service quality here is so high that only people with deep pockets can afford. Guests include the political elite, business heavyweights, sports personalities, and many more.

Four-star: Offering a deluxe guest experience, four-star hotels typically come with excellent service, superior design, and a wide range of facilities, but not on the level of a five-star.

Three-star: Good amenities are available, meaning it is suitable for guests with above-average accommodation needs. The design and service are also good.

Two-star: Suitable for price-conscious guests. Facilities and services are typically limited.

One-star: Services are few and far between. Comfort is also low, but that is not to mean the hotel is inhabitable. Just don’t expect a spa.