How to be sure your boutique hotel is right for you

You’ve found a boutique hotel that looks just perfect for that romantic getaway that you’ve been planning but you want to be absolutely sure that it’s everything that it’s cracked up to be before you commit and decide to make that booking. While boutique hotels can be great, you also

What makes boutique hotels special?

Ask any regular traveller about their experience of hotels and you'll probably hear a common complaint about how similar many international hotels are. Whether you're in London, Rome, New York or Jakarta, your hotel will probably have the same bed, wallpaper and television. Extremely regular travellers even report waking up

Major chains launch their own boutique hotels

After facing years of bad press for building endless ‘clone hotels’ across the world’s major cities, many of the biggest hotel chains are waiting up to the criticism and starting the fight back. This means that for travellers who enjoy the benefits and loyalty perks of staying in a chain

Where can I find boutique hotels?

Struggling to find a boutique hotel in the place that you’re going on your next trip? It may well be that you’re looking in the wrong places. Boutique hotels tend to pop up in historic cities with character and stories to tell. Consequently, it’s probably not a surprise to discover