Tips for Staying in a Luxury Hotel

Not everyone has the opportunity to stay in a luxury hotel so if this is a new experience for you, then here are a few tips that will help you to make the most of every moment. Make the Most of the Concierge At a luxury hotel, the concierge service is the

Choosing Uniforms for Hotel Staff

The front-of-house staff will seen to be representing the brand of the hotel. If they look unprofessional, then guests will have a negative view of the entire establishment. It is therefore vital that the most appropriate uniforms are chosen. The website NA-KD will be handy for hotel managers. The catalogue

The Right Floor Décor for a Hotel

The manner in which a hotel decorates its interiors will undoubtedly have a direct impact on its overall reputation. Guests will want to stay in an establishment that exudes good interior design taste. The manager may be primarily focused on the wall décor as this will tend to be within

Hotels After the COVID Crisis

Many people will be taking their first holiday since the start of the COVID outbreak soon and, having not travelled for a year or more, most will want to make sure that the trip is a special and memorable occasion at the best possible hotel, whether they book online or

What to Ask When Making Hotel Bookings Online

Booking hotels online is becoming a popular trend as more people embrace the digital space. It is a faster and convenient way of finding accommodation without feeling anxious about what will happen when you get to your destination. You should, however, ensure that you have done due diligence before you

Using Stelton Products in Hotels

The hotel industry is becoming increasingly more competitive. This is mainly due to the rise of independent hoteliers. Practically, anyone can set up this kind of business. However, the difficulty comes from setting the hotel apart from rivals. In order to achieve this, the rooms need to contain high quality,

How Hotels Can Boost Online Bookings

The internet has opened up the way people do business. Online bookings have become a common way for customers to make reservations in hotels. If you are in the hotel industry, you should definitely take advantage of the fact that most people are now checking out websites and confidently paying

How to Improve the Look of a Hotel Room

People worldwide love the thrill of travelling for various reasons, whether business or pleasure. The experience is capped by the nature of the hospitality and accommodation facilities found in those tourist and business destinations. Guests use online pictures, reviews, social media posts, and other available pointers to look for excellent accommodation

Is it really a boutique hotel?

With boutique hotels becoming a more popular option than ever before and search engines like Bing and Google ever more important to a hotel’s marketing, it’s little surprise that some are choosing to stretch the definition of the word boutique in their marketing. To avoid being taken in by this word

Tips to Help You Save Booking Hotels in New York

New York is a dream destination that many people want to visit at least one day in their life. However, as everything is expensive in New York, if you don't have a lot of money to spend, you need to plan your trip well. There are various ways to stretch