What to Ask When Making Hotel Bookings Online

Booking hotels online is becoming a popular trend as more people embrace the digital space. It is a faster and convenient way of finding accommodation without feeling anxious about what will happen when you get to your destination. You should, however, ensure that you have done due diligence before you book so that you do not get disappointed upon arrival at the hotel.

Questions to Ask

  • What extras come with the package? It could be wifi, access to the business lounge, rooftop, etc?
  • What are the restrictions?: This can be anything from no children allowed, no checking in past a certain hour, no food from another establishment, etc.
  • Are there additional charges? This lets you know the full price that you will have to pay, including taxes and other hidden costs that some institutions have.
  • Can I get better rates? Do not be afraid of exploring an opportunity to get discounts. You will be surprised that by asking, the hotel could actually work out something for you.
  • Can you recommend transport options? if you will be arriving at the hotel late, you should ask if they have an option of giving you transport. Alternatively, they can give a list of suggestions on where you can get reliable transport.
  • What are the dining options? Before you make your booking, you should know if they allow people to bring their own food, and whether there is a minibar, among other dining options.

If you are having doubts about how the room looks, ask for a virtual tour or a description that includes the amenities that you will find. You should also ask for specific details such as the floor where the room is located and the view you will have when you check-in. Asking the questions gives you a clear idea of whether the hotel matches your expectations.