Using Stelton Products in Hotels

The hotel industry is becoming increasingly more competitive. This is mainly due to the rise of independent hoteliers. Practically, anyone can set up this kind of business. However, the difficulty comes from setting the hotel apart from rivals. In order to achieve this, the rooms need to contain high quality, elegant-looking products.

These can be purchased from Royal Design. Their Stelton range in particular is ideal for hotels. There is a wide range of distinctive items to utilise. Guests will often base their reviews on the functionality and overall look of their hotel. It is therefore best to go for Stelton items that merge well with the interior design. If utilised correctly, Stelton household products can make a hotel appear professional, luxurious and efficient. This in turn will hopefully promote positive reviews and increased booking. Hotel owners can order from the Stelton range in order to obtain a plethora of room necessities.

Beverage Holders

When guests are staying at the hotel, they will naturally need utensils to drink beverages. This could include tea and coffee in the morning, water throughout the day and wine during the evening. The Royal Design site’s Stelton range offers these as well as great looking coffee makers. These will be sure to wow visitors of the hotel.


Clocks are a staple of a decent hotel room. They will need to be reliable and accurate. This is certainly the case for the clocks sold by Royal Design. They are more than just a handy way of telling the time. They are a fashion statement all in themselves.


Despite the fact that they seem antiquated in modern times, candles are still a popular feature in the hotels of today. They help to imbue the property with a warm, cosy and nostalgic atmosphere. Hotels usually restrict their candle uses to public lobbies to reduce fire risks. If these businesses need a great looking candleholder they need to look no further than the Stelton range.


Flowers are another lovely addition to rooms, and they can really make an impression on the guests. It is important to choose not just attractive flowers but also vases. The ones available from Stelton manage to have a mass appeal whilst still looking highly distinctive. It is a good idea to buy multiple vases in the same model in order to create a sense of consistency throughout the hotel.


Tableware might seem like one of the more simpler items to purchase. However, going the extra mile by using high-end cutlery and spice holders can elevate a hotel above others. The tableware selection from Stelton is where the site really shines. This is because there are so many to choose from here.

Christmas Ornaments

When the festive season comes around, it is common for hotels to put up decorations. It is very important that these businesses choose the right kind of ornament. Otherwise, they risk giving off a tack vibe. Stelton ornaments are both understated and elegant. This should help give them a broad appeal.