Off the beaten track accommodation options

If you can’t face the idea of staying in yet another boring chain hotel and even apartments and bed and breakfast accommodation are yesterday’s news for you, then you’ll be glad to hear that there are still plenty of other options available for you. In this article, we’ll look at a few unusual hotel options that are sure to get you excited about the possibilities that are offered by travel once again.

Next time that you’re in Stockholm then it’s worth spending a little more time around the city’s Arlanda Airport than you otherwise would. That’s because, at the side of the airfield, a local entrepreneur has converted an out of service Boeing 747 jumbo jet into the world’s first ‘plane hotel’.

If you’ve always fancied a flat bed on a plane but can’t quite stretch to flying in business class then this is probably the answer that you’re looking for. The rooms are small but far more comfortable than an economy class seat and prices are competitive with other hotels around the airport.

Anyone who has been to London before will be well aware that accommodation prices in the city can often be sky high. That’s why taking to the water could well be the low cost alternative that you need the next time that you visit the British capital. From canal barges to converted ferries and cruise ships, there’s sure to be something that works if your sea legs are up to spending a little bit of time on the water. Book in advance though because space can often be very limited if you want to stay here.